Spice Brand: Santa Paula Black Pepper (Ground 19)

Brand Name Santa Paula
Item Black Pepper (Ground ~19~)
Description --
Bar Code number 8 76416 13118 4
Net Weight 1.6 OZ. (45g)
Product Number ????
Distributed by Kaymile Trading Inc.
El Monte, CA 91731
Product of China
Serving Size --
Servings per Container --
Calories --
Calories From Fat --
Total Fat --
Sodium --
Total Carbohydrate --
Sugars --
Protein --
Ingredients --
Other --

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Santa Paula Black Pepper Ground 19

Spice Review (Posted on 09-28-2015)

I can't imagine living in a residence without pepper. It's been here since we learned to walk and go out dining, possibly ever. A spice once thought to be incredibly spicy, our tastes have grown used to the 'heat' that pepper brings.

This is ground black pepper by a registered company name that goes by Santa Paula. Although you can find these at your local dollar-store, the taste seems quite expensive. Whether you apply it on your food, post-cooking, or as part of your favorite spice rub, this little can will surprise your taste buds. Even those who aren't accustomed to spicy foods (come on, people) will be able to withstand the heat from this pepper along with fully cultivating its taste. Sure it's cheap but that doesn't mean it's bland. I personally use this on most homemade dishes I dine on.

Just one thing: as much as I like this brand of pepper, you can tell from the pictures above that there's a misspelling: Most Popular Spice In The Word?! I'm not sure if they mean by their brand of pepper that's popular or pepper in general that's popular. Nevertheless, if my English proficiency doesn't fail me as I'm writing this, I succinctly think they meant Most Popular Spice In The WORLD. However, if "Word" is what they truly mean, then what's the word being conveyed here?

Despite that misspelling which explains the 0.5 deduction, let alone the poor shame in mass marketing this cool product, and if you're done laughing, I still recommend giving this pepper a shot. Your food will appreciate it.

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